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I'm Kat Maus!


Working in a cubicle.
No career goals, feeling lost.
Started hiking.
Decided to hike the 4,000 footers in NH, dragging along a reluctant sister.
Faulty hip joints give out, can’t hike.
Decide to learn digital illustration so I can illustrate the mountains I missed.



Owner of Kat Maus Haus Illustration & Design.
Working as an illustrator full-time.
Home studio with french bulldog assistant.
Hiking again after ungodly amounts of PT.
24 of the 48 4,000 footers hiked.
Sister has become my best hiking partner, and has hiked more mountains than me.


Studio, studio assistant helping with mail, sketch book


You, me and the great outdoors.

I'm an illustrator with a flair for nostalgia, and a love of the outdoors. Under the name Kat Maus Haus Illustration & Design, I create illustrations that celebrate the places that bring us joy, peace, and comfort. I take great care to create high quality art prints, greeting cards, postcards, stickers, and other items that allow you to bring home a little slice of these treasured locations.



Array of Kat Maus Haus products.

Bonus Facts

  • Yes, Kat (Kathryn) Maus is my real name! 75% of my family goes by the pronunciation "Mouse,"  the rest go by "Moss." I lean towards "Mouse" because, well, I think that's pretty obvious.
  • Omar, my french bulldog studio assistant, makes appearances in most of my cityscapes. I just can’t get enough of his derpy face.
  • I print my smaller art prints in my studio in Beverly, MA. My postcards and tote bags are made in New England, and my stickers and larger art prints are made in the USA.

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