About Kat Maus Haus

Hey, there! I'm Kat, an illustrator with a flair for nostalgia, and a love of the outdoors. Under the name Kat Maus Haus Illustration, I create illustrations that celebrate the places that bring us joy, peace, and comfort. I take great care to create high quality art prints, greeting cards, postcards, stickers, and other items that allow you to bring home a little slice of these treasured locations.

Kat in her Studio

How'd I get here?

(A brief summary that leaves out some twists and turns and many tears.)

Working in a cubicle.
No career goals, feeling lost.
Started hiking.
Decided to hike the 4,000 footers in NH, dragging along a reluctant sister.
Faulty hip joints give out, can’t hike.
Decide to learn digital illustration so I can illustrate the mountains I missed.

Owner of Kat Maus Haus Illustration.
Working as an illustrator full-time.
Working out of a studio space in beautiful Beverly, MA.
Hiking again after ungodly amounts of PT.
24 of the 48 4,000 footers hiked.
Sister has become my best hiking partner, and has hiked more mountains than me.

Want to know more about my story? 
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Bonus Facts

  • Yes, Kat Maus (pronounced "Cat Mouse"), is my real name, though I shortened to Kat from Kathryn in college. 

  • My art has appeared on Merrell trail runners and socks, on Tuckerman Brewing can labels, on the cover of Mt. Washington Valley Vibe magazine, and on several covers of books by Dan Szczesny, The White Mountain, being the most well known.

  • I'm mildly red-green colorblind. Yes, I realize art was a strange career choice for me but when you know what you were meant to do, you can't let a little thing like color vision get in the way. Am I right?

  • I have a bachelor's degree in art history from Tufts University, and I completed a master's certificate in arts administration at Boston University. Did I end up using either of those degrees? That's debatable.